Beneath the Surface: Exploring The Compelling Connection Between Skincare + Mental Health

Beneath the Surface: Exploring The Compelling Connection Between Skincare + Mental Health

In a world that demands you prioritize your mental health while simultaneously placing structures and systems in place to destroy it; finding ways and time to prioritize yourself can get overwhelming. Traditional methods of self care like meditation, exercise and healthy eating are often pushed and practiced due to their well known mental health benefits. However, skincare would like to enter the chat! Like many rituals that are beneficial to our health, skincare is often looked at as a chore but taking great care of your skin has proven to have more positive effects on you, aside from just making you look good. 

Three In One : The Mind + Body + Soul Connection

Understanding yourself as three parts of a whole is important in order to comprehend the significant relationship between skincare and mental health. You are a soul that is in a body that is controlled by your mind and all three components must be properly cared for. Scientific studies show direct links between our emotional wellbeing and the condition of our skin. The infamous phrase, "as within, so without" comes to mind when considering the link between skin conditions and emotional conditions. Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne can all be expedited by emotional conditions like depression, anxiety and stress. Since we are souls made up of bodies, whatever we are experiencing inside will show up on the outside. When we are experiencing emotional turbulence, our bodies respond by producing chemicals that can cause skin disruption. However, when we maintain a healthy lifestyle composed of healthy habits and rituals, our skin can appear healthier.

The Remedy : Skincare IS Self Care

Just like the repetitive practice of meditation or exercise, making skincare a ritual is proven to be comforting and relaxing when put into consistent practice. Maintaining a skincare ritual will not only produce great benefits for your appearance, it will also boost your self esteem and sense of control. Applying skincare products, especially products that are made with natural ingredients can evoke feelings of relaxation and pleasure, causing the body to react positively. Spending intentional time with yourself feeling the textures of your products and gently applying your skincare on a regular is proven to be beneficial to mental health and a great self care practice. 


Understanding the powerful connection between mental health and skincare can be a transformative path to a deeper sense of self love and self care. Never underestimate the benefits of applying your skincare, or taking the extra step to apply your favorite face mask. You aren't simply cleansing your skin or trying to maintain a clear canvas, you are forming a deeper bond with self and making healthy deposits towards your mental health. 

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