Beauty Rooted in Simplicity.

We are an indie, woman + black owned skincare brand intersecting accessibility with simplicity. Our skincare brand consists of products that are easy to use, with ingredient lists that make sense. We pride ourselves on our formulas containing ingredients that are natural and necessary only. Meaning ingredients that are not both clean AND necessary are left out! We instead zero in on nine main ingredients to create all of our formulas.

From The Founder

I created BareNine for people like me, who appreciate clean beauty products that save them time and money. Skincare shouldn’t be daunting or expensive, and you shouldn’t have to compromise the future of your skin health with toxic chemicals to achieve bare skin confidence today.

Bare Beginnings - Our Story

BareNine was created in 2019 (rebranded in 2020) from the simple desire to have clean, accessible and affordable skincare that made sense. I dealt with eczema really bad as a kid, but for the first time I was experiencing acne and problematic skin as an adult. Remembering how terrible and insecure having eczema made me feel as a child, I started to obsess daily over healing myself inside and out in hopes to eradicate problematic skin forever. This led me to overspend on beauty products without ever considering their harmful ingredients or long term skin effects.

After receiving a diagnosis that gave some insight into my health and skin condition at the time, I quickly slipped down the rabbit hole of natural healing. Realizing that I could reverse my health with small lifestyle + diet changes, I decided to research natural skincare alternatives as well. I had two goals in mind; save myself money on beauty products and be intentional about the ingredients I was choosing to put on my body. I quickly discovered that the current skincare market lacked brands that uphold clean beauty standards, while catering to melanin enriched skin and remaining economical.

I gathered my newly retrieved Health Sciences Degree and all the information I learned while researching holistic alternatives and made my first Whipped Shea Hair + Body Butter with all natural ingredients I had right in my home. This butter healed my skin and dry scalp so quickly, I had to discover what other products could be made simply and with accessible ingredients. From there, God continued to guide me to more information about natural alternatives to everyday essentials, ultimately creating what is now BareNine Holistics.

Creating this skincare line has not only opened my eyes to the wonders of natural healing, but has also helped me gain a new confidence in my skin and being an Afro-American woman. God created me (and you) perfectly with a purpose and it is my desire to make other women and people of color gain even a little of their God given bare confidence through my brand.

What We Stand For

BareNine Holistics is a multipurpose brand seeking to bridge the gap between beauty and wellness, all while redefining what we believe beauty to be. Undefinable by one definition or aesthetic.

Bare- Being Acceptive of your Raw Essence.

Made in God's image, we are all the same yet so uniquely different. We choose to embrace what makes us different + unique and refuse to push mainstream beauty standards. That is the true beauty in beauty.

Nine (9) - The number 9 represents:

1.) The Nine ingredients we've chosen to revolve our formulas around. We seek to heal the underlying causes of disruptive skin without all the extra, unecessary ingredients.

2.) The Nine dimensions of holistic health - physical, emotional, creative, environmental, financial, occupational, intellectual, social, and spiritual. We understand that the skin is a mere part to a whole and aspire to build a beauty community that embraces the entire human. Mind + body + spirit.

Generational Beauty is Transcendent.

Our Mission

As a consciously clean and holistically considered skincare brand, BareNine is on a mission and journey to help you expose bare skin confidence by way of our clean beauty solutions that we hope can become a new family tradition. Our handcrafted products are made with carefully considered ingredients that are safe for the entire family. Like Grandma’s secret cake recipe, or your Family’s herbal remedies; we hope our wide range of products become a family favorite.