Double Detox Vitamin C Shower Gel

Double Detox Vitamin C Shower Gel

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The Double Detox Vitamin C Shower Gel is an ode to our beloved Double Detox Bare Bar but with a stronger formula! This shower gel contains vitamin c that provides so many benefits to the skin! Formulated to declog pores of toxins and acne causing dirt for the ultimate skin detox. This shower gel can be used on the face and body and has the most refreshing citrus scent! ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ‹

8 oz bottle.

External use only. please follow up with sunblock when using this product during the day!ย 

๐Ÿ–คBenefits of Activated Charcoal:
โ€ข provides a deep detox for the pores.
โ€ข controls overproduction of sebum (oily skin)
โ€ข removes blackheads/stubborn acne

๐Ÿงก Benefits of Turmeric :
โ€ข brightens dark spots/hyperpigmentation
โ€ข heals acne [bacne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc]
โ€ข anti inflammatory properties prevent reoccurring breakouts.

๐Ÿค Benefits of Vitamin C :
โ€ข produces collagen, used to keep skin youthful and plump.
โ€ข Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & dark spots.
โ€ข Protects skin from damaging free radicals.


ย Ingredients: distilled water, Xanthan gum, glycerin, activatedย charcoal, turmeric powder, vitamin c powder, ย Helianthus annuus, Aloe barbadensis miller, citrus oils, preservative